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The primary focus of the firm is complex commercial matters, with a particular focus on admiralty and maritime issues. The firm represents clients such as individual and corporate vessel owners, marine industry suppliers, national and international banks lending to the marine industry, and marine insurance companies and their assureds.>/p>

The practice of Reno Law includes both transactional and litigation services. By way of example, following is a list of some of the subject areas routinely handled by the firm:

  • Marine insurance coverage disputes
  • Questions regarding carriage of goods (cargo)
  • Enforcement of maritime liens and claims
  • Preferred ship mortgage financing and foreclosure
  • Vessel arrests
  • Negotiation and litigation of charter parties
  • Negotiation and litigation of employment contracts and disputes
  • Property/casualty insurance defense and coverage questions
  • Products liability litigation
  • Contracts, purchase and sale agreements, and partnership/shareholder disputes
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